Brexit Would Damage Ukrainian Hopes for a European Future

A British exit from the EU would do irreparable damage to the image of both the EU and Britain in Ukraine, weakening the hopes of millions of Ukrainians who hope for a better future, writes Institute for World Policy Director Alyona Getmanchuk in a blog post.

“In Ukraine, a British exit from the EU would become a significant gift to the political forces which, in harmony with Russian propaganda, have spent years trying to discredit the EU in the eyes of Ukrainians and have been inspiring people to hate everything European,” according to Getmanchuk, who wrote the article for  the London School of Economics’ EUROPP website.

“If the British vote for a withdrawal, they will take away from Ukraine one of the most important arguments for the EU: that there are lots of countries queuing to enter, while there is no country that wants to leave.”

Getmanchuck’s commentary was included as part of a survey of experts on the impact of the United Kingdom possibly leaving the EU, and in light of British demands that the country’s status in the union be renegotiated and plans on holding a referendum on membership.

The full article can be read online here.

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