Czech Republic: A Desire to Accommodate British Demands, but Without Treaty Changes

It is a shared opinion amongst Czech political leaders that a Brexit would harm the EU as well as Czech interests, so we can expect that Prague will pursue solutions that will accommodate British reform demands, according to EUROPEUM Director Vladimír Bartovic, writing in a blog post.

“However, this will need to be achieved without comprising the basic foundations of the European integration project,” Bartovic states in the article, written for the London School of Economics’ EUROPP website.

“Czechs will definitely support British demands for enhancing the single market, especially in the area of services, the digital market, and energy, as these are also priorities for the Czech government.

“The Czech Republic has always promoted elimination of trade barriers, thus the government will support British any demands for a quick completion of trade deals with the US and other big economies.”

Bartovic’s commentary was included as part of a survey of experts on the impact of the United Kingdom possibly leaving the EU, and in light of British demands that the country’s status in the union be renegotiated and plans on holding a referendum on membership.

The full article and commentary can be read online here.

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