How Complaining Doesn’t Explain the World

Martin Michelot, head of research at the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, joins the V4 Revue’s debate on ‪#‎humansonthemove,‬ writing about the changing atmosphere in the Czech Republic: about complaining, solidarity and responsibility.

“I’ve cut down on complaining,” Michelot writes. “If you’re thinking, “OK, that sounds normal,” you’d be right.

“However, when you are born in a country like France, where the right to complain (or strike) is engraved in the constitution, and when you live in a country like the Czech Republic, where the innocent act of asking “how are you doing?” is followed by ujde to (“it could be worse”) and a litany of complaints about political parties and how bad the food is compared to German, it’s hard to escape the negativity.”

The article is part of a series written by people who have left their native countries to live abroad: “Personal stories of people with different passports on what drove their journey, what enabled it and what they got and gave along the way.”

Read the full article here.

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