The Nobel Peace Prize Reminds Tunisians of the Limits of Their Revolution

For many Tunisians, the revolution that launched the Arab Spring in their country has not yet finished, writes Tereza Jermanová, a fellow at the Association for International Affairs in Politics Reconsidered.

Jermanová’s piece was written in the wake of the announcement that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to four Tunisian civil society organisations, often call “The Quartet.”

“It was the national dialogue, brokered by the Quartet, that helped to overcome political deadlock, and for that the prize is well-deserved,” Jermanová writes. “Yet Tunisians are still having a hard time coping with some of the country’s most persistent socio-economic problems.”

“The Tunisians that I met saw their fellow countrymen receiving the Nobel Peace Prize as a time for reflection. And they agree that another revolution is yet to come.”

Read the full article at Politics Reconsidered here.

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